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meet the team

Heather Miller, The Hitched Company

HEATHER MILLER, founder and fearless leader

Welcome! I’m Heather. My passion for weddings all started in my grandmother’s wedding dress boutique at the age of four. Today, that passion has transformed into a well-established business and a dream team of professional wedding planners.


I have been in love with the man of my dreams for almost 20 years. The Lord has blessed us with the sweetest little girl, Mia, who swims like a minnow and tries to defy gravity on a daily basis. Our days are spent traveling the globe or boating on the water. My cocktail of choice is a tie between an Aperol spritz and a fresh bottle of champagne! My hidden talent is bustling a broken dress in two minutes flat.


To become a successful and trusted planner, I had to research every element of a wedding day. For years, I worked behind the scenes as an assistant to photographers, DJs, caterers and even wedding venues, all while being a part-time planner for my own clients. In 2005, I left my corporate job and set off to create a crew of fearless and fabulous ladies who could help me build a company that was not only trustworthy, but design-driven and personable. I have personally trained every lead on my team and shared the secrets I have learned that continue to set us apart in this industry.


My overall style is clean, classic, and timeless, with pops of bold elements. I live for those small details that will give your wedding day a high-end finish, leaving your guests feeling awe-inspired. I believe your day should be a reflection of you and your fiancé, not what everyone else sees on Pinterest. I work hard to pull out what makes you a couple and paint it all over your special day!

Lauren Harris, The Hitched Company.jpg

LAUREN HARRIS, connoisseur of all things shopping

My name is Lauren and I’m addicted to buying coffee table books that I don’t read. I love olive green and making lists. I love to travel and I’m extremely organized about my packing. Like, I packed a carry-on suitcase for two weeks in Italy thanks to my detailed itinerary, complete with daily outfit selections. My go-to drink order is a vodka soda, two limes please.

I’m a boy mama to Asher Charles and Everett James! I believe in reading the book before seeing the movie, and that you should always write a “thank you” card before cashing a check or using a gift. I will always say “yes” to a look at the dessert menu and will be ecstatic if it includes blueberry pie.


I lived by the Marie Kondo philosophy of surrounding yourself only with what brings you joy before it was a thing (hair flip). That philosophy, coupled with the fact that I’m definitely the “blunt friend,” have been useful qualities when it comes to wedding planning! I hate seeing my couples stressed about the tiny little details that won’t make a difference, so I’ll definitely tell you what’s important and what’s not. I love when there are personalized, meaningful touches to a wedding day. I advocate that less is more, but I do believe in having one major, show-stopping design element!

Jasmine Hoopengardner, The Hitched Compa


Hi! I’m Jasmine and I have a serious obsession with gold, glamour, and great concerts. I live for weekend getaways with my girlfriends (especially if they include a swanky hotel, cabanas, and crafted cocktails), but I’m also down for a low-key weekend with the family. The Hitched girls like to say I know most people in the Southern Maryland area, and that may or may not be accurate. My friends think I’m crazy because I frequently get up at the crack of dawn for spin classes (seriously, my Instagram posts feature more than one sunrise). I’m addicted to the beat, the drop, and the bike!


I married my (legit) best friend after friend-zoning him for more years than he would like to admit and we’re parents to a beautiful baby girl, Penelope. I have family all over the world and take pride in my diverse heritage. Traveling gives me life and I believe in always saying yes to new experiences!


I love a good trend; whether it be my wardrobe, my taste in design, or trying something new. I love to bring that energy to a wedding day, but I also appreciate the classic touches that will forever be timeless in your photos. I won’t waste your time with a meeting if it can be handled in an email, but I will always be there for you with advice, to answer questions, or if you just need to talk through an idea. Wedding planning became a passion for me after I used Heather for my own wedding in 2015 and I have learned so much from her over the years. Making sure your day is executed flawlessly is my number one priority, and seeing all the pieces come together is my favorite part!

Audrey O'Clair, The Hitched Company


I’m Audrey! I believe life should be filled with baseball (go Nats!), colored pens, Kate Spade, Bravo shows, and unlimited trips to HomeGoods. My biggest philosophy: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade (literally, because I’m obsessed with lemonade). My other half no longer allows me to write out itineraries when we travel because they tend to be a bit overboard. He’s also constantly telling me to stop organizing and cleaning, so it’s safe to say I might be a little type-A. In my experience though, this is exactly how you want your planner to be!


I fancy modern simplicity and pops of color, all with a southern touch. I pride myself on being one step ahead on wedding days and keeping rowdy groomsmen inline. I definitely see more weddings than the average person, but I still manage to get goosebumps every time I witness that walk down the aisle!


I came into this wedding world in 2016 as an assistant to Heather. I have soaked up all the tricks, behind the scenes details, and tidbits of knowledge from our team to enhance my skills and overall relationships with my clients. Since 2018, I have had the privilege of creating special bonds with my own brides. I love really diving into who they are in order to create a one-of-a-kind event for them!

The Hitched Company Assistants.jpg

CHRISTEN | CAITLIN | KELSEY, Hitched assistants

The ladies we can't live without and the reason we survive wedding days.

Christen | The newest Hitched assistant, Christen has an eye for detail and an infectious personality. She is no stranger to a good party and knows what needs to be done to take an event to the next level.

Caitlin | Our sweet Caitlin has been working alongside Heather from the beginning. She makes every wedding day seem so peaceful and like anything is possible. She has a heart for God and an incredible sense of calmness that she brings to every situation.

Kelsey | Kelsey has trained under Heather and knows what needs to happen to ensure a seamless and perfect day. She makes any wedding party feel at ease with her sweet demeanor.

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