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Hitched Tip: When to Decide on a Rain Plan

Are you having your wedding outside? In a tent? Open air? Then I guarantee that you have considered a rain plan. Unless you live in California, you’re crazy if you don’t! There are MANY things to consider when having an outside wedding, and many different recommendations we have up our sleeve. And although we try, Mother Nature is the only thing we can’t control.

When it’s time to make the official call on if you’re going with your dreamy plan A, or close second plan B, there are a couple factors in play.

  1. What is the latest the rental company will take your change in plans?

  2. What does the weather say?

  3. Are there any storms forming around your event for that weekend?

We do everything we can to get you the wedding day of your dreams, but believe me when I say having a plan B, and an all-star team, will ensure a fabulous day no matter the weather!

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