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Hitched Tip: Welcome Cocktails

Let's cut to the chase: we love a good "welcome cocktail," both as a planner and as a guest! Picture walking up to a meticulously decorated wedding ceremony, perfect weather, friends you haven't seen in forever, your best friends about to be married... what is missing in this moment? A BEVERAGE! It doesn't have to be alcoholic, but no one will complain if it is! Let's be honest, there are a few moments of downtime leading up to a ceremony that could justify a nice cold beverage. Something to sip on and enjoy before the evening's festivities begin is just what everyone needs!

Some of our favorite welcome beverages:

  • John Daily

  • Arnold Palmer

  • Rose & Lemon Water

  • Cucumber & Lime Water

  • Grapefruit & Gin Spritzer

  • A classic glass of cold champagne!

Also, a fabulous bar setup or even butler-passed drinks kicks it up an extra notch.

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