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Hitched Tip: Wedding Design

We are a month away from the start of our first fall wedding, which means 2021 Spring weddings are starting to fly into our inboxes. It's like clockwork every year. So don't worry our fall brides, we have a TON of tips coming your way soon, but it is time to give a little love to our newbies!! FIRST THINGS FIRST... get the ring, get the date, get the venue, then decide on a design! This will be the same look and feel through your entire event. From Save the Dates to the monogrammed napkins, you need to design your wedding from the beginning! Decide on a color combo, pattern, or feeling and don’t stray. Bring the fabulous design board we create for you to every single vendor meeting and stick to it. You can add fun and bold elements along the way, but don't stray from the initial design board that will bring your entire event together cohesively. Yes, we do design boards. No, it is not like Pinterest. Yes, it will be original to YOU and your fiancé!

Costola Photography


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