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Hitched Tip: The Mini-Moon

Weddings are chaotic, stressful, expensive, and all-consuming, so we totally get how planning a dream honeymoon on top of that can seem daunting. Enter: the mini-moon! A mini-moon is a short, nearby, affordable getaway for couples to decompress after their wedding. It still gives the newlyweds a chance to get away, relax, and celebrate the wedding they just had! It allows them to focus on planning the honeymoon AFTER the wedding they just planned is over. It gives them time to save up more money or even use any wedding money they received as a gift to help fund an amazing trip. And, it means that you basically get TWO honeymoons, which our travel bug hearts just love!  The best part about a delayed honeymoon is that you can pick any time of year to go, not just the week after your wedding. If you're getting married in July but would rather wait until Italy cools down a bit, go in the fall! If you're getting married in May and wanted to go skiing but the slopes are closing up, wait until next winter!


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