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Hitched Tip: Sparklers

Want to do a sparkler exit but your photographer isn't scheduled to be there all the way to the end your wedding? We can still make it work! We do "fake" sparkler exits all the time. We will grab a few guests who are standing around, or ask just the wedding party to come outside. Sparkler exits don't require your entire guest list to be holding sparklers, just a select few of them are needed to get the look for a photo!

Our other tip for sparklers: get the longest ones! That way you don't have to worry about them fizzing out by the time we're ready for photos. Also use the long lighters, they're much easier than handheld ones!

Also, a word to the wise: a special exit of any kind is not necessary! If it's important to you then great, let's do it! If not, don't feel like you need to make this happen. Please note that if you DO opt to do a full-blown sparkler exit, we'll need to cut your reception short by about 20 minutes to herd your guests outside, line them all up, distribute the sparklers, and get them all lit. If you're wondering why this would take so long, don't forget your guests have had a few drinks by this point!

Costola Associates


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