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Hitched Tip: Signage

We've had this conversation with a few of our brides lately, and thought it might be time to spread the word. Signs are one of the decorative wedding items that our team is often responsible for placing, and we're here to tell you that they're usually unnecessary. Give yourself one less detail to worry about and skip the signs that are there to label everything!

Alicia Lacey Photography

Guests will realize that the table holding cards and gifts is in fact there to hold cards and gifts based on... you guessed it, the cards and gifts that will be on the table!

Guests can also figure out that the guest book is meant to be signed due to the markers we scatter around it. If your guest book is something completely out of the box, like a bench or a table top, then make sure you let guests know it's okay to sign. Otherwise, they will know!

We're not saying all signs are bad! If it's a decorative item that really brings you joy, by all means, go for it! Or if your bathrooms are really far away, feel free to place a directional sign for guests. Just don't feel like everything needs a sign and give your guests a little credit by assuming they'll be able to figure some things out on their own. ;)

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