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Hitched Tip: Handling Overbooked Vendors

In our many years of wedding planning, one of the most frustrating things we have seen is when vendors overbook without the proper team to follow through! There are several companies who have the capacity to take more than one wedding per day. That takes years of training and experience. When smaller companies bite off more than they can chew, it is usually the planner cleaning up the mess. Here are a couple things you can do to ensure you have the A team on your wedding day:

  1. Just ask! Do not be afraid to ask the hard questions! How many weddings do you take? How many do you have on my day? Is this normal for your company? Can I see your reviews/portfolio?

  2. If they have more than one team going out that day, ask who will be running your day. It is very important to have a relationship with the person who will be present on your day. If the person you are in contact with is not the one you will be talking to on the day of the wedding, get that number and make the call! You don't want to be meeting for the first time on the big day!

  3. If you are not comfortable, then say so! If you have true concerns, then state them. In times of COVID, companies are doing everything they can to stay afloat, including double booking. Tell them you want to make sure your big day is front and center and confirm the time you need them and your expectations!

One of the saddest stories I have of double booking is when a hair stylist booked a prom appointment at the same time and on the same day as my client's wedding! The bride had 30 minutes until she had to leave for the church. I walked in and saw she didn't have her hair done yet. The hair stylist never showed up and was not answering her phone. I called and she picked up. The stylist told me, "I have to do a very important hair appointment, it is this young lady's prom! Your bride is only doing a half-up/half-down style that will take me 20 minutes and I'm 15 minutes away." Knowing that everyone was looking at me, I kept my cool and told her to go home. I did the bride's hair myself and she was on time and looking fabulous for her wedding. This brings me to my next point: vet your vendors! You will thank me later!

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