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Hitched Tip: Groom's Attire

The groom should always have a say in what they wear to their own wedding, right?? Well, to a limit!

Here are a couple rules to live by when picking out the groom's attire! - A tuxedo is appropriate for a formal wedding

- A suit is for the laid back events - Just because the groom is wearing a tuxedo, does not mean the invitation has to say "black tie."

- We always recommend buying over renting for many reasons, but mostly, it is not that much more expensive to buy. And they will always be able to wear down the road (unlike majority of bridesmaid dresses)

- The groom and groomsmen need to wear the same type of tuxedo/suit. But color can change (and we can help with that). - The groom/groomsmen should always wear a jacket. Unless your toes are in the sand, put the jacket on for at least the ceremony. - If a groom wants to rent, then make sure you are working with a company that sends out the tuxedo/suit at least 2 weeks before the wedding so he has time to try everything on and send out for changes if needed. Do NOT rent if they delivery or you pick up that weekend. Too many variables and issues we have seen over the years!


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