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Hitched Tip: Vendor Meals

You work with them, you trust them, now you feed them? Here is the etiquette and what to know about feeding these fabulous teams.

Etiquette states that you need to give your working vendors a break and a meal. Some say the same meal, or similar, to the one you serve your guests. The one person who holds the fate of your vendor meals in their hand is the caterer! They normally have a set meal they serve to anyone assisting the wedding and at a certain time. It is my job to negotiate the perfect time for vendors to eat (which is the same time as guests). My dream scenario: a waiter comes out right before the guests are served with a beautiful tray of vendor meals. They get 30 minutes to sit, eat, and get ready for the next 4-5 hours of straight work on their feet. How do you accomplish this?

  1. Read the contract with your vendors. It normally states in there what they require for meals. Some say nothing, but others state they require the same exact meal as your guests at the same exact time. Caterers will charge you the same price as your guests for vendors if they have this clause in their contract, so be aware!

  2. Talk to your caterer. Ask what they normally do for vendor meals. Pricing, what you can afford, and vendor requirements will dictate what meal you provide.

  3. Work with your planner and caterer for the perfect time these meals can be served.

I get it. You have dealt with RSVPs, seating, design, hotel issues and NOW you have to think about vendor meals. Leave it to us and we will make sure everyone is happy!

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