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Hitched Tip: Choose Your Venue Wisely

Yes, we know that is obvious advice. Choose your wedding venue wisely. But we really need you guys to take extra care with this step if you are not going to hire our team for that part of your planning journey. Let me tell you why!

We have seen that several venues have been adding some small print to their 18 page contracts. One of the most recent is that you must hire a wedding planner. We kind of love and understand that one because the venue coordinator IS NOT your wedding coordinator. They care about their first job, which is the venue, and never the couples big picture. We jump through hoops to bring your vision to life. And venue coordinators are usually our biggest hoop. We also have packages based on your venues requirement to have a planner in order to help with the financial burden that may put on your wedding budget.

BUT....we have seen some venues require so much of your wedding planner, it is costing our clients over $6,000 just to hire us as a day of coordinator. One of the reasons is that we are required to be on site from 8am to after midnight. Plus additional planning hours that are required by the site, like create and update your floor plan. All which are add-ons for our day of clients to help save money.

We will always do what is necessary to ensure a perfectly planned and coordinated wedding, but we have found that our clients that book with venues with hidden conditions and knowingly overreach standard requirements become even more unhappy with the venue than we do at the end! The rules never stop and the expectations become less. Take our advice, read the extra fine print ask the tough questions...or just hire us to do it!


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