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Hitched Tip: Checking the Weather Forecast

Our advice on checking the weather for your wedding day is simple: don't do it.

Birds of a Feather Photography

We know your anxious to know if you're going to have to use your Plan B/Rain Plan on your wedding day or if you'll get to go with Plan A. We get it. But obsessively checking the weather doesn't change the weather, it just makes you stress about it.

Also, we're here to check the weather for you and make whatever timeline adjustments are necessary! We make the rain plan call as close to the ceremony time as we can, so even if it's an overall rainy day, there are times when we still get that clear sky, 15-minute window to accommodate your outdoor ceremony.

The weather fluctuates, so if you're going to check the forecast at all, don't even bother doing it until the day of your wedding!


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