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Hitched Tip: Bye, Bye, Save the Dates

That's right, I said it! Weddings have to change with the times. Have we not learned with COVID? But to be honest, I have been done with Save the Dates for a long time. Unless you are having a destination wedding, a Save the Date causes too much headache. ESPECIALLY for brides who are stressing out over the budget and who will come. If you are sending out "just to be nice invites," (which I do not recommend, but absolutely understand), then why would you want to give them a "heads up." And if your budget all comes down to the final number of guests, and you wish you were having a smaller event anyway, why go the extra step to have a larger wedding?

Tip: Save the Dates are truly supposed to be for destination weddings only. They are for guests to book flights, not necessarily hotel rooms because hotels have room blocks for a reason. So do not feel obligated to waste the money or stress on sending out save the dates unless absolutely necessary! If Aunt June needs to book her flight to your wedding because she lives too far away, then a personal phone call would be a nicer touch than a piece of paper in the mail! And cheaper...

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